Who’s This Girl?

Who’s This Girl?

I’m PK aka Patti aka Paki, owner and operator of 42 Degrees. I’ve been rockin’ the journey through the glass culture movement with artists and friends for almost 2 decades now. 

I began my work 16 years ago when I met Matt Cyrulnik, the creator and founder of 42 Degrees. He took me under his wing as his right hand (wo)man, and him as my mentor to manage Stoney Creek Glass/ A2 Arts, our wholesale companies, office and warehouse.

A2 Arts housed a raw material and tool store and studio space for blowers to rent. We traded materials for finished products, wholesaled to other shops and supplied our retail locations with all things, locally made glass. My roles included office/administrative management, purchasing and selling, shipping and receiving, and vending tradeshows and festivals. I’ve done it all! 

In 2008, I was brought in to manage our retail location before taking ownership of 42 Degrees in 2016. In that time, I was witness to our counter cultures growth, an evolution in the glass community taking its place. Breakthroughs from ideas with techniques, colors, artists collaborations and businesses were emerging as social media led the platform for exposure. 

We are now witnessing the biggest recognition of artists so far. The people have spoken and glass is truly an admired form. 42 Degrees is here to help build the industry, develop relationships and connections and be a source of information that relates to our experiences in the world of glass. 

We hope you will join us!

~ Love, 


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